Diego Indraccolo

Diego moved to London at the age of 18 where he had the opportunity to  assist several renowned photographers. By observing these at work he could learn a wide range of lighting techniques, and experience the world of high budget advertising and fashion photography. This insight  allowed him to bypass school and formal training and led him to set up his own photographic business in 2007.
Working as an editorial and advertising photographer has helped Diego understand and define his own personal aesthetic and visual sensibilities. Freelancing has given him the ability to travel around the world pursuing his personal projects. This opportunity for exploration has crystallised his perspective and  a clear point of view has emerged. This premise informs whatever medium or subject matter he is working with and gives unity  and consistency to his work as both photographer and film-maker.
As well as photography, Diego is currently spending the majority of his time as a director of photography on automotive commercials. Diego also works as a director on commercials and narrative projects with his partner. Together with her he has formed  a directing duo called D I • A L


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